Ladghar is a lovely place increasingly becoming popular for its nice beach and an unspoiled landscape that will refresh your spirit and recharge your energies. This beach is known as “Tamas Teertha” as some part of the sea appears to be red in colour. This beach has religious value and the bathing here is a big attraction. Also, it’s a great spot for swimming, either in the sea or in the adjacent area where a river empties into the sea. Some part of beach is covered with coloured pebbles and boulders, creating a beach-rock collector’s paradise. For those wanting a more strenuous walk this is a spectacular piece of coastline.

The area is undeveloped, has an untouched feel and is beautiful around sunset. Viewing the sunset here is a breathtaking experience as the beach, sea and the horizon get bathed in numerous shades of red colour. One can also participate in dolphin watching trip in boats. This beach has the two beautiful, ancient temples – one of Lord Shiva known as “Veleshwar” and other of Lord Datta situated on a small hill. You can take a 15 min beach walk on the north side to reach this beautiful Datta temple.

If you wish to enjoy mouthwatering, delicious fish food then Ladghar is the place for you. It houses some really good resorts famous for serving fresh fish in local cuisine. On the south side of the beach is a small fishing village called Burondi. The fishing boats with their twinkling lights make the Burondi harbor a fascinating sight to watch in the evenings.

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